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About Us

Familyhealth Associates is an integrated multidisciplinary private practice specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of attention, behavior, mood and learning disorders. Under the direction of Psychiatrist Alan B. Wachtel, M.D., Familyhealth Associates uses an integrated approach to treating children, adolescents and adults. Our program provides coordinated evaluation and care to foster an individual's achievement, growth and self-esteem.

We recognize that children and adults who learn or work differently or behave unpredictably frequently experience a high degree of stress, confusion and self-doubt. This behavior and its ramifications impact the entire family unit. Our approach addresses the needs of the individual and his/her family.

Our offices are located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and in the business district of White Plains in Westchester County.  Our staff consists of board certified Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, Neuropsychologists, Clinical Social Workers, and Administrative Assistants.


Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment
Our treatment team includes psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, psychologists, and clinical social workers. A detailed diagnostic evaluation by highly trained professionals is the first step. Full neuropsychological and educational diagnostic testing is available on-site. This intensive process enables us to recommend a comprehensive assessment and recommend a treatment plan that addresses the unique needs of each individual. Since attention, anxiety and mood disorders are genetically based, families frequently focus on the needs of other children and adult family members in the course of this process.

Our psychiatrists are neuropharmacologists who specialize in the most advanced individualized medication treatment plans and medication management. Prescribed medication is closely monitored and adjusted for maximum efficacy and safety, and may be integrated with other therapies when appropriate.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
We often recommend Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is a short-term, solution-focused treatment that targets specific behaviors and thought patterns. The goal of this treatment is to teach patients to achieve positive changes by utilizing helpful strategies and coping skills. It effectively addresses the high degree of stress, confusion, and self-doubt that children and adults who learn or work differently or behave unpredictably frequently experience.

Individual, Group, Couple, and Family Therapy
If requested, Familyhealth therapists work with the entire family, offering individual, group, couple, and family therapy. A combination of individual and group therapy is available to maximize therapeutic benefits. We help children recognize and change detrimental behavioral patterns and learn healthier behavior. In our treatment of adolescents, we focus on the development of the emerging adult within each teen. Individual and couple therapy is available to address interpersonal and social issues.

Coordination of Care
Coordination and integration are essential to successful treatment. We are committed to our multi-disciplinary approach in which professionals within Familyhealth Associates bring their expertise to bear for the benefit of each individual/family. We recognize the importance of family and encourage participation of family members at appropriate stages of treatment. We regularly discuss each child’s progress with his/her parents so that appropriate adjustments in treatment may be made. A Familyhealth professional can visit your child’s school to observe your child in an academic setting or to consult with faculty or staff. When educational remediation is prescribed, we are available to liaise with the educational therapist and the school. We will also consult with your physician and other professionals.