Victoria Schattner

Manhattan and White Plains


Dr. Schattner is one of our Clinical Neuropsychological Evaluators. She earned her BA in Psychology at Tufts University in 1991 and her Doctorate in Clinical/School Psychology from Hofstra University in 1996. She worked for seven years as a middle and elementary school psychologist in the Hauppauge Public Schools out on Long Island which afforded her extensive experience with the entire school-based CSE and IEP process.  Dr. Schattner also worked for the Educational Records Bureau for 13 years as a Senior Examiner/Reviewer which gave her the opportunity to work in a range of pre-schools across Manhattan and conduct private school admissions testing for students entering kindergarten through fourth grade.  

Dr. Schattner specializes in neuropsychological testing for children, adolescents, and young adults and has many years of experience diagnosing and formulating treatment recommendations for ADHD as well as a variety of learning disabilities, spectrum disorders, and mood disorders.  In the course of conducting  neuropsychological evaluations with children, Dr. Schattner believes in close collaboration with any outside providers and support personnel (e.g., teachers, school administration, therapists, etc.) in order to gain a comprehensive picture of a child's functioning and ensure coordinated follow-up and implementation of treatment recommendations.  Dr. Schattner joined Familyhealth Associates in 2000.