Lisa Scionti

Manhattan and White Plains


Dr. Scionti is a New York State licensed psychologist who earned a doctorate in Psychology from Pace University with combined degree in Child Clinical Psychology and School Psychology as well as a Master’s degree in Education.  Her dissertation, which was used and adapted for publication in the Comprehensive Psychiatry journal in 2005, was entitled “Do Daughters with Eating Disorders agree with their parents’ perception of family functioning?”

Dr. Scionti also earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology from U.C.L.A. where she had the opportunity not only to take coursework, but also to provide behavioral therapy to autistic children.

Prior to joining the Familyhealth Associates team, her experience included an interim staff psychologist position at North Central Bronx Hospital on an adult inpatient unit, a maternity-leave replacement school psychologist in a Westchester Country elementary school, as well as a triennial evaluator and a Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) coordinator.

She also served as staff psychologist and administrator and was responsible for developing, implementing and supervising the APA approved doctoral level internship at a residential treatment center for children and adolescents.  At the residential treatment center, she provided trauma-based work and worked with individuals who had been physically, emotionally, and sexually abused.

Currently, she conducts psychological evaluations at an evaluation site in Westchester for the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE).   In addition, Dr. Scionti is a member of the Familyhealth Associates private practice and provides consultation services and psychotherapy to young children, adolescents, adults, and families.  Working closely with and increasing collaboration between individuals, families and schools is emphasized.